Hi! I'm Lacey.

I have a passion for all things vintage, I love Elvis Presley more than chocolate, and I write things for teens. My work is represented by Sara Megibow of the Nelson Literary Agency.

My short fiction is published in REBEL MOON: An Anthology of Supernatural Tales (Rebel Books LLP, 2010). Once a week I post at Sisters in Scribe, a blog shared with YA writers Valerie Kemp and Kristi Helvig, and I contribute short fiction to the Tangled Fiction blog, shared with YA writers Natalie C Parker and Valerie Kemp!

This blog is a place-holder and I regret that I don't have the time to keep up with it, but I post regularly at my blogger account as well as Sisters in Scribe. 

Thanks for stopping by!
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Writers for the Red Cross

Before you go out and purchase a new book, check out Writers for the Red Cross. If you donate $25 to the Red Cross via WFTRC, you'll be sent a book of your choosing from what they have on their donated shelves.

Debbie from inkyelbows, is also donating a hand-illustrated custom poem to the highest bidder. Her package will be up for auction until March 20th. Details on that here.

They have a lot of great books on hand, but only a limited supply available, so if you can, donate today, and please spread the word!


In other news, my critique partner valeriekwrites is featured at Dear Teen Me today with a letter to her 13 year-old self. You truly don't want to miss what she has to say.

And catch up on parts 1 and 2 of UNDERWATER BREATHING at tangledfiction before the third and final installment goes up tomorrow!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Rivers and Railroads

As I mentioned yesterday, this week is individual shorts week at tangledfiction . I posted my short UNTOUCHABLE this morning. I grew up near the Susquehanna River and spent a lot of time on the railroad tracks and swimming in the river. I was feeling quite nostalgic when I wrote this short. Hope you'll come by and give it a read.

These are some pictures of the river and railroad near my home town, one of which was used as the visual for UNTOUCHABLE.


Collapse )

Match Made in Zombieland

I just got this text from Husband and it's too funny not to share with you.

"I was just in the bowels of a building in Manhattan. I had to climb two flights of stairs and then walk around with a flashlight. It was AWESOME. I kept thinking it would be a perfect place to hide from zombies."

This is the man that I love. <3

Also, this week is individual short week at tangledfiction. nataliesee posted her short titled BUTTERFLY GIRL on Monday. valeriekwrites posted hers, LIKE THIS, on Wednesday, and I post mine on Friday. I suppose I need to finish writing it. >_<

What's New?

Ok. So I am terrible, TERRIBLE! at updating this thing. Truth be told, I keep forgetting I have it. *sigh* I know.

This week, we have a brand new tangled story going on over at tangledfiction. And All month long, my scribe sisters and I are taking entries for our December book giveaway--3 signed books, 3 winners!

ANd that's about it. This is a crazy time of year for most people, myself included, so I won't be around much until after the new year. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!!

New Website!

Do you remember my website with the cool flash animation, and the creepy desk, and flickering candle of awesome? Well, that's gone now.


But! I have put up another website, a much more informative one, in it's place. I loved my old one, but flash doesn't work well for everyone, and I wanted it to be user friendly. Anywho, once I figure out how to recreate the website background in photoshop and then edit blogger, this will match a little better. I hope. But I am really terrible with photoshop so by the time I figure that out, I'll probably end up changing it all again.


Tangled Fiction Tuesday!

Brand new story started by Valerie at the TF blog!


A little preview of UNCHARTED (Part I)

There was no way to untangle what was left of Mason from the tree, but the rest of us crawled out the back of the van to where we stood now, trapped between a dense forest and a sheer rock wall, hundreds of feet below the road. So far down that I couldn’t even make out the edge of the cliff in the dark. A grim thought sent a chill down my spine. Mason was the first to die, but he might not be the last.